PC Express App: Quick & Easy Grocery Shopping!

PC Express App
The PC Express Mobile App

We love cooking, so every weekend, we spend one to two hours going to the grocery store, thoughtfully picking out our groceries, and waiting in line to check out. Grocery shopping isn’t something we hate, but it did take up a lot of our short weekend time.

So, when a promo email arrived in our inbox offering a free month of “click and collect” groceries with the PC Express app… we decided to give it a try! And… we love it. Keep reading to find out why!

The Order: PC Express App

First of all, to do the online grocery order, we had to download the President’s Choice Express mobile app and log in with our PC Optimum ID. read more

Video Streaming: 4 Devices You Should Know

Apple TV Remote
The Roku & Apple TV remotes.

Whether you’re tired of connecting and disconnecting your laptop to HDMI cords, trying to hop off the cable TV train, or just looking for a new way to stream your favourite shows… we’re talking about some of the best video streaming devices out there right now!

And before you read any further, a disclaimer: we’ve only had in-depth experience with the Apple TV and Roku streaming players. However, we wanted to highlight two other top competitors, so you’ll read about those below as well. We’ve linked a few good articles to the devices we’re less familiar with so you can learn about them from the experts! read more

LG OLED C8 TV Review


In the market for a new television? The LG OLED C8 might be the right choice for you… or it might not be.

At $3,000+ CAD, this premium TV sure has stunning qualities, but it is likely for a niche group of consumers. Are you in that niche?

Read this review to learn more about the LG OLED C8 and decide if this TV is right for you!

Our Story

After a lot of research, daydreaming and a great deal through XDMedia.ca, we finally invested in the LG OLED C8.

We decided to go for the LG’s OLED TV over other OLED TVs in the market because it is one of the more “affordable” options. For example, Sony’s comparable OLED TV is several hundred dollars more expensive than LG’s, but debatably has no feature that sets it apart.

Thankfully, we have no regrets so far. With our passion for cutting-edge technology, the purchase (on sale!!!!) was definitely worth it for us.

Keep reading to discover some of the LG OLED C8’s best features (in our opinion).

OLED Display

The OLED display is the key feature of the LG OLED C8… obviously. If you have a keen eye for detail and a passion for premium technology, you’ll appreciate the excellent colour accuracy and deep blacks. Plus, the sharp display significantly enhances our viewing experience.

And by the way, if you’ve been wondering why the LG OLED C8 is so expensive, this is why:

While OLED technology is very prevalent in smaller screens, such as the newer iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 4, it is far less prevalent in big screens due to the high cost. The price will likely come down as the tech matures, but until then…

…the OLED display is the reason you’re paying the big bucks for this TV.

On the plus side – OLED can be a more energy-efficient technology than LED/LCD… so it is slightly more socially responsible to choose OLED.


The LG OLED C8’s styling is stunning, as expected. The physical TV is razor thin and has minimal bezels. Unlike an LED/LCD TV, an OLED TV doesn’t need a backlight, so it’s a fraction of the thickness of your average TV.

We were truly in awe at how thin the screen is!

The LG OLED C8 has a sleek silver stand if you choose not to wall-mount it. Our TV is sitting on a long bench, but it’s definitely worth mounting on your if you can… just for the added experience. You may even be able to get the mount included through certain retailers like Best Buy.

And, we should probably mention that this television can truly dominate a room – consider that if you have a small space. The LG OLED C8 will be the centre of attention in a cozier room.  

The Remote Control

As far as TV remotes go, this one is probably the coolest we’ve ever used. It actually works as a pointer to navigate the menus, similar to the Wii remote. We find the pointer feature is more efficient for getting around your TV than using the arrow buttons on a conventional remote.

Not only is the remote cool, but it’s comfortable. This remote is the perfect shape to fit comfortably in your hand.

Added bonus: it has shortcut buttons to Netflix and Amazon!

Other Great Features

Here are some other great features that have made us fall in love with the LG OLED C8:

  • Built-in Google Assistant gives this TV industry-leading voice command capabilities
  • HDR content with movies, shows and games
  • The display is bright enough, even in a bright room (a common issue with older OLEDs was that their displays weren’t bright enough in a bright room)
  • The Apple TV screensaver views are breathtaking, thanks to the TV’s 4K resolution
  • Future proofed, since TV content is still just catching up to the 4K HDR standards on new televisions
  • The best built-in speakers that we’ve ever heard on a TV, which is especially impressive for how thin it is
  • read more

    Ikea App Helps You Plan Before Purchase

    Ikea App on iPhone
    Ikea Place App shown on iPhone SE

    We just moved into a new apartment, and of course our plan is to go all out with Ikea furniture (Thank you affordable yet minimalist European design furnishing millennial homes across Canada).

    But, as we spent hours sifting through hundreds of products online, we began asking ourselves questions like:

    “Dark grey or light grey sectional?”

    “Will this TV bench even look good in that corner?”

    “Is that coffee table too small for our space?”

    And then the anxiety started creeping in… the kind that only comes with making big decisions.

    If we ordered and didn’t like what we got… would we have to spend tons of time and money ubering to the outskirts of Toronto with a load of unwanted furniture, only to stand in an Ikea Returns line for hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon?

    NO. That’s the answer.  Well, likely not.  Why?

    Because Ikea has a great app to help plan for big decisions.

    We discovered Ikea Place, Ikea’s really cool app that uses augmented reality to show you products IN YOUR HOME… before you make a decision to buy.

    The app is free, and it’s available on iOS and on Android. It’s easy and super fun to use. And it’s helping us plan out our new home and discover great products for our life.

    Our favourite Ikea Place features:

    Virtually place items in your home with the augmented reality feature

    Visual Search lets you scan an item you love in real life with the app and it’ll show you similar products from Ikea’s website

    Go directly to Ikea.com to purchase items that you saved in your favourites on the app

    Long Story Short…

    We love Ikea Place, if you can’t tell. It’s useful for anyone trying to furnish or decorate their home, especially with larger items. And we love how it’s great for people who are too busy or too far away from an Ikea to actually go and see items before buying.

    Plus, Ikea Place is just a lot of fun for the imagination! Definitely check it out!

    What other cool uses of augmented reality have you heard of?