Don’t Travel Without These 5 Apps

The stunning iPhone XS Max

Travelling is one of our favourite things IN THE WORLD. And so is tech, including apps. So, here are our top 5 free apps that make travel or trip planning even better (if possible)! You’re welcome.

1. Hopper

Hopper is perfect for your trip planning stage. We love it and trust it and 100% recommend it.

Here’s why we love Hopper for travel:

Hopper uses data to predict flight and hotel prices, and shows you the ideal times to book your next adventure.

It doesn’t just predict the cheapest season or month to travel. Hopper shows the cheapest day to book your flight or hotel. read more

5 Tips for Selling Your iPhone on Kijiji

Sell your iPhone
The iPhone XS Max

There always seems to be a new iPhone added to Apple’s long list of stunning technology.

Because Apple products have certain addictive qualities, it’s way too easy to get caught in the vicious cycle of “I need the newest one”.

We are 100% in that vicious cycle.

But how is it possible to always buy the newest iPhone?!

By selling your old iPhone.

Our golden rule is: sell the old iPhone before we get the new iPhone.

The other golden (silver?) rule is: keep the old iPhone in pristine condition so we can sell it for as much as possible later on. read more

Ikea App Helps You Plan Before Purchase

Ikea App on iPhone
Ikea Place App shown on iPhone SE

We just moved into a new apartment, and of course our plan is to go all out with Ikea furniture (Thank you affordable yet minimalist European design furnishing millennial homes across Canada).

But, as we spent hours sifting through hundreds of products online, we began asking ourselves questions like:

“Dark grey or light grey sectional?”

“Will this TV bench even look good in that corner?”

“Is that coffee table too small for our space?”

And then the anxiety started creeping in… the kind that only comes with making big decisions.

If we ordered and didn’t like what we got… would we have to spend tons of time and money ubering to the outskirts of Toronto with a load of unwanted furniture, only to stand in an Ikea Returns line for hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? read more

Wellness App Rewards for Exercise

Carrot Rewards Wellness App on Apple Watch
Carrot Rewards on the Apple Watch

Finally, a free wellness app that rewards you for exercising and focusing on your wellbeing… and it’s our favourite lifestyle app. Ever.

Carrot Rewards App: Our Story

We discovered Carrot Rewards, a free Canadian app, on an internet forum last summer and it seemed too good to be true. Someone posted, “Get Scene Points just for walking around with this new free wellness app!” …legit?

Super legit!

So, we downloaded the app onto our iPhones and Apple Watch. We chose our rewards. We walked. And, we earned points! read more