PC Express App: Quick & Easy Grocery Shopping!

PC Express App
The PC Express Mobile App

We love cooking, so every weekend, we spend one to two hours going to the grocery store, thoughtfully picking out our groceries, and waiting in line to check out. Grocery shopping isn’t something we hate, but it did take up a lot of our short weekend time.

So, when a promo email arrived in our inbox offering a free month of “click and collect” groceries with the PC Express app… we decided to give it a try! And… we love it. Keep reading to find out why!

The Order: PC Express App

First of all, to do the online grocery order, we had to download the President’s Choice Express mobile app and log in with our PC Optimum ID. read more

Our Top 5 Free Productivity Apps to Stay Focused, Efficient and Connected

productivity apps
Productivity apps are designed to keep you on track and organized.


Most of us have busy lives, and most of us have at least some kind of tech… whether that’s a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone or something else.

So, why not use your tech to make your life a little bit easier by being more organized and efficient? And that’s the point of productivity apps!

Keep reading for a list of our top 5 favourite productivity applications. Hopefully you’ll discover an app that makes your busy life a little more productive…

1. Trello

Trello is a really great app for project management. It’s like a virtual bulletin board for organizing your personal or professional projects, trip or event planning, and anything else that includes multiple tasks or goals.

You organize your board into lists – for example, you could divide your board up into stages like “to do”, “in progress” and “complete”. And then, you add cards (tasks or steps) under each list. So if you have a task in the “to do” list, once you get started, you can move the task into the “in progress” list.

Trello is simple to use and allows you to visualize everything you need to do to complete a project. Plus, you feel a lot of satisfaction when you start to see your cards end up in the “complete” list.

You can sign up for free and get access to all the basics – definitely good for personal use. Or, there are two upgrade options for more features like board personalization, quicker customer service and more board organization capabilities. These are good options for professional projects or big companies.

2. Apple Notes

This might be surprising, since Apple Notes doesn’t seem like an exciting app. But the reality is, we use Apple Notes everyday and it really does make our life easier.

So what makes Apple Notes such a great productivity app? It’s collaborative and makes day-to-day tasks like errands or taking meeting notes so much more efficient.

Create to-do lists, build tables, take notes or scan documents right into the note with the built-in scanner.

Plus, easily share your notes with other people for collaboration (we use this feature for our grocery or chores list all the time). And when someone else updates the note, you get a notification!

Notes is compatible with the Apple Pencil if you’re using the iPad. So, take meeting or class notes with the Apple Pencil, and then conveniently email out your note directly from the app. This is great if you need to send out your notes quickly to a large group or to someone who doesn’t use Apple devices!

And best of all? It’s pre-installed on your iPhone, iPad and Mac! If you haven’t already integrated Apple Notes into your daily routine – it’s definitely the time to start!

3. Sling

Sling is an excellent scheduling app if you need to schedule and keep track of shifts. This app is great for both team managers and team members, and helps ensure a well-functioning team.

If you’re a manager: easily schedule shifts, manage vacation time, and track employees hours and time. Plus the app tells you if you’re double-booking!

If you’re a team member: get alerts about your next shift, plan ahead by viewing the upcoming schedule and other people’s vacation time, and see tasks that your manager has assigned to you.

One of the greatest features is a chat where you can keep in touch if someone’s running late, sick or needs to trade shifts. The chat feature helps eliminate the need for email inbox overload, and keeps everyone accountable –  managers and team members!

4. Microsoft Outlook App

Outlook is by far our favourite email app on our iPhones and iPads – even more than Apple’s Mail app. It’s free, and it’s simple to use.

We find that Outlook is a well-designed app that doesn’t interrupt your workflow or make older emails difficult to access. And, you can choose how your emails sit in your inbox. You have options like organizing them into threads, or using the “Focused Inbox” feature. This helps filter out emails that clutter up your inbox.

Probably our favourite feature: switch between multiple accounts really conveniently! A great feature if you want to have your work/school and personal emails in one place.

And finally, there is a calendar directly in the app! So, plan appointments and book contacts into meetings or events easily.

Microsoft Outlook increases productivity by being super user-friendly and decreasing wasted time with your email inbox!

5. Slack

Slack is a popular communication tool for small-to-medium sized teams at school or work. The apps allows you to create organized chat channels for different teams/projects. This is great if you have multiple projects going on within your team.

With Slack, share files with a group, use voice or video calls to better collaborate, and search your chat history for important keywords. File sharing is simple with the drag-and-drop capability (none of that search-and-upload time suck).

Overall, this tool is an awesome tool to make communication really efficient and helps with organization. It’s free for a basic account, but you can upgrade for more storage and other premium features.

The only watch-out: all that easy access to the GIF keyboard can really destroy your productivity if you’re not careful 😉

Long Story Short

These are some of our favourite productivity apps that help us work efficiently and be overall more productive. They’re also free, which is super helpful!

What are your favourite productivity apps? Let us know in the comments below!


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Ikea App Helps You Plan Before Purchase

Ikea App on iPhone
Ikea Place App shown on iPhone SE

We just moved into a new apartment, and of course our plan is to go all out with Ikea furniture (Thank you affordable yet minimalist European design furnishing millennial homes across Canada).

But, as we spent hours sifting through hundreds of products online, we began asking ourselves questions like:

“Dark grey or light grey sectional?”

“Will this TV bench even look good in that corner?”

“Is that coffee table too small for our space?”

And then the anxiety started creeping in… the kind that only comes with making big decisions.

If we ordered and didn’t like what we got… would we have to spend tons of time and money ubering to the outskirts of Toronto with a load of unwanted furniture, only to stand in an Ikea Returns line for hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon?

NO. That’s the answer.  Well, likely not.  Why?

Because Ikea has a great app to help plan for big decisions.

We discovered Ikea Place, Ikea’s really cool app that uses augmented reality to show you products IN YOUR HOME… before you make a decision to buy.

The app is free, and it’s available on iOS and on Android. It’s easy and super fun to use. And it’s helping us plan out our new home and discover great products for our life.

Our favourite Ikea Place features:

Virtually place items in your home with the augmented reality feature

Visual Search lets you scan an item you love in real life with the app and it’ll show you similar products from Ikea’s website

Go directly to Ikea.com to purchase items that you saved in your favourites on the app

Long Story Short…

We love Ikea Place, if you can’t tell. It’s useful for anyone trying to furnish or decorate their home, especially with larger items. And we love how it’s great for people who are too busy or too far away from an Ikea to actually go and see items before buying.

Plus, Ikea Place is just a lot of fun for the imagination! Definitely check it out!

What other cool uses of augmented reality have you heard of?


Wellness App Rewards for Exercise

Carrot Rewards Wellness App on Apple Watch
Carrot Rewards on the Apple Watch

Finally, a free wellness app that rewards you for exercising and focusing on your wellbeing… and it’s our favourite lifestyle app. Ever.

Carrot Rewards App: Our Story

We discovered Carrot Rewards, a free Canadian app, on an internet forum last summer and it seemed too good to be true. Someone posted, “Get Scene Points just for walking around with this new free wellness app!” …legit?

Super legit!

So, we downloaded the app onto our iPhones and Apple Watch. We chose our rewards. We walked. And, we earned points!

You can and should download Carrot Rewards too, if you haven’t already. And tell all your friends.


Choose your rewards: Scene Points, RBC Rewards, AeroPlan Miles, Petro Points and more

Challenge your friends to Step Up Challenges to earn extra points each week… if you can both hit your step goal, that is

Invite your friends to download the app, and you get tons of bonus points when they join

Occasionally complete health and wellness related quizzes and surveys on the app for extra rewards

The app takes an average of your step count in a week and uses that to personalize your weekly step goal

The Verdict?

Overall, Carrot Rewards is our favourite wellness app right now because, let’s face it… who doesn’t want to get paid to stay healthy?!

The app truly motivates us to get out there and be active, especially with our friends and family who also use Carrot.  And we just feel really good at the end of the day when we’ve accomplished something, especially when it’s good for the body and mind.

As far as the app itself goes, it’s very simple to use and nice to look at.  Plus, you know it’s good because Mobile Syrup awarded Carrot Rewards the Best Canadian-developed App in 2017.

Carrot is available on both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, you can only download it if you live in Ontario, BC or Newfoundland and Labrador… for now. Carrot is working with the government to hopefully make the app accessible across Canada in the near future. O Canada!

What’s your favourite wellness app right now?