PC Express App: Quick & Easy Grocery Shopping!

PC Express App
The PC Express Mobile App

We love cooking, so every weekend, we spend one to two hours going to the grocery store, thoughtfully picking out our groceries, and waiting in line to check out. Grocery shopping isn’t something we hate, but it did take up a lot of our short weekend time.

So, when a promo email arrived in our inbox offering a free month of “click and collect” groceries with the PC Express app… we decided to give it a try! And… we love it. Keep reading to find out why!

The Order: PC Express App

First of all, to do the online grocery order, we had to download the President’s Choice Express mobile app and log in with our PC Optimum ID. read more

Our Top 11 Most Anticipated Apple Releases of 2019

Apple MacBook pro laptop
Apple’s MacBook Pro.


iPhone XI Max/Plus

Last year’s iPhones were a bit of a disappointment. Don’t get us wrong… they were great products, particularly the XS Max, but they brought little excitement and innovation.

Facing strict competition from the likes of Huawei, Samsung, and Google, Apple will really need to step up its game to boost declining iPhone sales. The new top end iPhone model may have a triple lens camera and a smaller notch. Will this be enough?

We will have to wait until September to find out, but hopefully Apple has some iPhone hardware and software advances that truly wow us! read more

4 Reasons Not to Replace Your Laptop with an iPad Pro… Yet.

iPad pro 11"
The new 11″ iPad Pro is considered powerful enough to replace your laptop.

With the new, powerful iPad Pro released this fall, there is lots of debate around whether or not it’s enough to use as a laptop replacement.

From what we can tell, it’s very possible, but not necessarily a seamless transition. This all depends on what you use your laptop for, but our recommendation is to wait while Apple sorts out a few things first.

Keep reading to see our top 4 reasons not to replace your laptop with the iPad Pro… yet!

  • Weak File Management

The weak file management system on the iPad Pro is one of the main reasons it is hard to adjust to an iPad as your laptop replacement. Apparently, you need a completely open mind in order to adjust to file management on the iPad Pro.

On a Macbook, you can easily access all your files through the Finder app in your dock. And, when you plug in a hard drive, a Macbook will bring up the hard drive in the Finder app automatically. That way you can easily view and transfer the files onto your laptop.

Currently on the iPad Pro, you can connect a hard drive (but only wirelessly), but the Files app won’t pop up and let you view your files. You actually have to view your files through the hard drive manufacturer’s third party app. So all of your files can’t actually live in one place. They’re spread across apps.

Another downfall of the iPad’s file management system is the inability to zip and unzip folders. Yes, you can preview the zip folder’s contents, but you can’t do anything with it. So if someone sends you a zipped folder, there’s not much you can do with it.

  • Lack of Pro 3rd Party Software

At the moment, a lot of programs are only available as an incomplete, mobile version on the iPad Pro. For example, you can’t access all the features on Photoshop for the iPad that you can on the desktop version. Photoshop is set to launch a full version of its software in 2019, but it is not available…yet.

This is true for a variety of programs. Apple’s own popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro, is not yet available on the iPad. There are some 3rd party alternatives being developed but none are as feature-rich.

The lack of Pro software that exists for the iPad is a definite reason to wait before replacing your laptop with the iPad Pro.

  • No Split View for Same App

While you can use split view to see two Safari tabs at once, you can’t view most other apps twice in split view yet. This means you can’t open the same application side-by-side in two windows. You can only use the multitasking feature for two different applications.

In our opinion, this is the most unfortunate for emails, messaging, notes read more

9 Points to Ponder Before Buying Your Next Phone

iPhone box
iPhone X and iPhone XS Max Boxes

When buying a new smartphone, there are so many models, manufacturers, and features to consider… it can be overwhelming.

So, here’s our list of top things to think about before you buy a new phone.

Hopefully it helps you narrow down what’s important to you, how you like to use your phone, and which tech company offers a model that fits your life.

Keep reading to learn more, and feel free to ask questions or give your opinion in the comments below!


Phones have been getting bigger and bigger, and there is a small vocal minority that still desires a phone that fits easily into your pocket… not to mention your hand.

Think iPhone SE (4″ screen)… some people love that size phone. On the other hand, some people want their phone to be as big as possible, especially for viewing content.

The size of your phone is personal preference. It typically depends on how you like to use it, and what your budget is. But, trends show that most people are enjoying bigger, taller phones.

And consequently, content like Instagram stories are now created to fit the taller displays. On smaller screens, sometimes words or pictures get cut off as content is made for bigger phones.

So, you’ll want to keep this in mind: bigger phones are now the norm, and content is built to fit them. You’re likely going to have a better experience with a bigger phone.

Operating system

This has been debated time and time again: which is the best mobile OS? iOS or Android? This truly does come down to personal preference.

iOS is living in Apple’s walled ecosystem. So generally speaking, it provides a more consistent experience. It is more closed and less flexible, which some people find boring. But, more and more services are being offered on Apple OS, so the experience is growing and evolving. It’s also stunning (in our opinion!).

Android is more flexible and customizable since it anyone can modify its code. Samsung, LG, OnePlus, and more all have their own version (skin) of Android. This is Android’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness, as it makes the OS more fragmented and less secure than iOS.

But like we said, it comes down to personal preference and probably what you’re already used to.


The screen is the window to all of the content on your phone. It is important that the screen looks nice so you can really enjoy using your phone… especially if you like viewing content on your phone.

Nice screens have a high resolution, and are bright and crisp. This makes text sharper, and images and videos crystal clear.

If you are looking for a premium experience, look for buzzwords like OLED and HDR to get the best picture quality.

Most popular smartphones use OLED technology for high-quality screens, but some “budget” phones still use LCD. The iPhone XR has an LCD screen, one of the main reasons it’s cheaper than the other iPhone models.

Battery life

Several years ago, phones were getting thinner and thinner at the expense of battery life. We were using our phones to do more, but the batteries inside just weren’t keeping up.

For example, the iPhones 6 and 7 had mediocre battery life. So people demanded better battery life, even if it meant having a slightly thicker phone.

And now, that’s what we’ve got. The iPhone XS Max is certainly thicker than previous models, but it can get you through a day of use without needing a charger.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful battery, you may have to sacrifice a razor-thin phone. But it’s 100% worth it in our opinion.

Longevity and Future-Proofing

Every year, the big tech giants seem to release powerful new smartphones. While it’s great to get the best new thing, it’s expensive and not always necessary.

Nowadays, iPhones use such advanced processor technology that they can last 3-5 years if you take good care. And lately, Apple has been ensuring that software updates improve older iPhones, not slow them down.

So, you can have confidence that Apple is prioritizing longevity and you won’t have to replace your phone every 2 years.

As for competing Android manufacturers, they don’t offer long term support and updates in the same way that Apple does. So our recommendation is to go with Apple if you do want to choose an older phone model.

Build quality and aesthetics

You want a phone that looks good and feels good in your hand. Premium materials to look for include glass (this enables wireless charging), stainless steel and aluminum.

We don’t recommend plastic, as it often looks and feels cheap. But the positive: plastic phones are often the most affordable and very durable.


Camera technology is one of the best areas of improvement in recent years.

Google is pushing mobile photography to the absolute limit read more

iPad Review: Is This The Tablet For You?

Gold 9.7″ iPad

We recently became the proud owners of an iPad. After a few weeks of use, here is our iPad review so far, including: product details, our pros and cons, and who we think this device is right for.

Product Details

  • Size: 9.7″
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Colour: Gold

Price: $429 CAD

This iPad is one of Apple’s most affordable devices right now.

Opinion Overview:

For the price, the iPad is a really good device, and delivers that smooth Apple experience that we’ve come to expect.

Plus, it covers most of our basic “tablet needs”: decent sound and camera for FaceTime, good for daily uses like online banking or shopping, crisp display for quality video content or Netflix viewing.

There are a lot of positive aspects to the iPad, and we would definitely recommend it if you want a simple yet high-quality device. There are, however, some cons, but not enough to deter us from enjoying the iPad overall.

Pros and Cons


  • Fits well within Apple’s ecosystem: So far, the iPad fits seamlessly into Apple’s device ecosystem in all the basic ways – iOS 12.1, App Store access, syncs photos and music from other devices, and more!
  • Aesthetically-pleasing: This is probably obvious, because everything Apple builds is stunning. We can’t get enough of the sleek design and the crystal-clear display.
  • Fast performance: The iPad’s speed does not disappoint. We haven’t experienced any lagging yet.
  • Text Message Forwarding: You can forward text messages from your iPhone to your iPad, a very convenient feature if your iPhone is in the other room or charging.
  • Split View Display: Another useful feature that allows you to watch videos or surf the web, while texting or reading emails at the same time. Love this one!
  • Headphone jack: A positive for people who still use traditional wired headphones.
  • read more