How We (Millennials) Use Tech to “Adult”!

millennial using cellphone
Many millennials use technology to help with everyday “adulting”.

There is no question that access to technology is a major mark of the millennial generation. And, being on the young end of the millennial spectrum, it’s especially hard for us to remember a time without things like the internet. So it makes a lot of sense that we’re so comfortable integrating tech into our adult lives. In fact, we do most of our “adulting” with technology.

It’s not that we need different things than the generations before us. We still want happy relationships, good jobs, financial stability and much more… it’s just that the way we do or achieve these things is different… often because of tech! Keep reading to see all the ways we (millennials) use technology to help us “adult”. read more

Apple Pay: Benefits, Security & Setup

Using iPhone to make a purchase.

We’ve been using Apple Pay since the day it launched in 2016, when it initially rolled out in Canada. It has been completely life changing, especially as more and more stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

However, in our research, we’ve learned that a lot of Canadians are still googling questions about this form of digital payment, despite the fact that it’s been available for 2.5 years. So, hopefully after you read this post, you’ll feel more confident about integrating Apple Pay into your life! read more

5G: Everything You Need to Know Before Its Launch.

the current iPhones are not 5G compatible.
iPhones currently on the market will not be compatible with 5G.

There’s a lot of buzz around 5G right now. And of course, questions always come hand-in-hand with buzzwords.

So, keep reading this post for a deeper dive on what 5G is, how it differs from current mobile technology, and how it could change our lives.

What is 5G?

5G is the newest generation of mobile technology (aka the cellular data your smartphone uses to make calls, browse the internet or stream content). We currently mainly use 4G LTE, or 3G in areas with worse connectivity. In Canada, we can expect 5G to roll out sometime in 2020, although other countries may see it launch this year! read more

Our Top 11 Most Anticipated Apple Releases of 2019

Apple MacBook pro laptop
Apple’s MacBook Pro.


iPhone XI Max/Plus

Last year’s iPhones were a bit of a disappointment. Don’t get us wrong… they were great products, particularly the XS Max, but they brought little excitement and innovation.

Facing strict competition from the likes of Huawei, Samsung, and Google, Apple will really need to step up its game to boost declining iPhone sales. The new top end iPhone model may have a triple lens camera and a smaller notch. Will this be enough?

We will have to wait until September to find out, but hopefully Apple has some iPhone hardware and software advances that truly wow us! read more

Top 5 Accessories for Apple Devices

Anker PowerCore+ Portable Charger
The Anker PowerCore+ 20100 is our favourite portable battery

Whether you’re looking for an accessory to accompany your new Apple product, or a gift for a friend… look no further! Here is our list of top five accessories (and brands) for Apple devices:

1. Anker: Portable Charger

We’ve been using the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 portable charger for about a year now, and we love it. If you’re looking for something tiny and light that fits in a small bag, this is probably not the product for you. But, if you want a powerful, durable portable battery – definitely go with Anker’s PowerCore+ 20100!

On this battery, you can charge up to three devices at once – both USB and USB-C compatible! Depending on how many devices we charged at a time, it’s lasted up to five days without needing to charge the battery.

We’ve taken this charger camping, on group road trips, and on small planes without plugs, and it’s saved our life every time. This portable battery is also great if your bedroom or office doesn’t have many plugs, or if they’re in inconvenient places. You can still charge your iPhone or iPad close to you overnight or while you work with it!

We love Anker’s Powercore+ 20100 portable charger, and we think you will too!

2. Mophie: Wireless Charging Base

Since Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, newer iPhone models have wireless charging capabilities. While wireless charging is still slower than plugging your iPhone to a fast-charging cord, wireless is a lot more convenient!

Our favourite wireless charger for the iPhone is Mophie’s Apple-optimized wireless charging base. The design is sleek and compact, it’s functional, and it’s made with a non-slip finish so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone slipping off. When we bought it last year, it was over-priced, but now you can find the charging base at a more reasonable price.

While we await the AirPower mat, Mophie’s wireless charging base is absolutely a great option!

3. Speck: iPhone Cases

Speck is one of our go-tos for iPhone cases. We normally order them off of Amazon.

Speck’s cases are very protective… they feel almost as indestructible as an Otterbox case. The cases we’ve used fit very securely on the iPhone, and cover the edges so your screen is safer if you drop it facedown.

Plus, Speck iPhone cases come in many sizes and designs. You can get a case that really matches your style and personality!

4. Apple: Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charger is one of the neatest little gadgets we’ve used. Yes, it is made by Apple, and therefore a little on the pricy side. But, it’s handy both as a charger and as an alarm clock!

At night, place your Apple Watch on the charger and it will automatically act as an alarm clock. When you tap the nightstand, the

watch will show you the time, in a special “nightstand mode” read more