8 Tips & Tricks to Save Money on Tech

Using Ebates to shop online
Ebates is a great way to get cash back!

We love having the latest and greatest tech, but it can be a very expensive thing to keep up. So, we’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way to save money and get great deals on tech.

And now, we want to share our tips and tricks with you! So keep reading to learn how to save on your next big tech purchase.



Ebates is a cool app that we started using a couple months ago. When you’re shopping online, use Ebates to get cash back at your favorite stores.

Ebates has a large selection of popular online stores that give cash back if you make a purchase through the app. A few tech-related store options include Amazon, Best Buy, The Source, Lenovo, Dell, and Apple Certified Refurbished (occasionally). read more

How to Save on Your New LG OLED C8

LG OLED C8 on XDMedia.ca
XDMedia.ca on the Macbook Pro

We finally decided to buy the LG OLED C8, a premium TV that currently costs over $3,000 CAD at Best Buy. Obviously, we did not want to spend that big money, so we did some research first…

What we found saved us over $1,000 on our beautiful new TV: XDMedia.ca!

Here’s our story…

XDMedia.ca has great deals on electronics.

We started by searching “LG C8” on Google, and XDMedia.ca came up as a sponsored post. We’d never heard of this website before, so we clicked the post to learn more.

At first, it was impressive that XDMedia.ca offered the LG OLED C8 at such a comparatively low price! And, the other electronics on their site had relatively low prices as well. But, we were also uneasy that it could be a scam.

How could any reseller offer this premium TV at such a low cost?!

XDMedia.ca has a ton of positive reviews.

So, we did MORE research and found lots of positive reviews on Facebook, Amazon, Trustpilot and Newegg.ca. Many people had great experiences buying their new electronics on XDMedia.ca!

We were still nervous though. So, when we couldn’t wait any longer to buy the TV, we went to Best Buy and tried to price match. Some postings online had said Best Buy did price match with XDMedia.ca. Others said they would not.

We took the gamble, but it didn’t work for us. The manager told us that XDMedia.ca is not an authorized Canadian reseller and denied our price match request.

So, we could either take a risk and save over $1,000 on XDMedia.ca, OR, we could securely drop a lot more money on the LG OLED C8 at Best Buy.

We took the risk.

XDMedia.ca has PayPal for secure online payment.

When we were about to make the online transaction, we had that bad, vulnerable feeling associated with using your credit card on a website you don’t totally trust.

But, XDMedia.ca has PayPal, so we felt a bit more secure making the purchase.

Plus, we received an instant payment confirmation email, which was very reassuring.

XDMedia.ca has fast shipping. 

So, after finally taking the plunge and buying the LG OLED C8 from XDMedia.ca, we were still worried (can you tell we’re worriers?!).

Would the TV arrive in one piece? Quickly?

Would we receive a refurbished or knockoff TV?

Well, we can confirm that in our experience, the shipping was very fast. We received the TV within three business days.

And yes, it’s an authentic LG OLED C8 TV.

XDMedia.ca has lots of pros. 

Overall, our experience buying a new TV on XDMedia.ca was very positive.

Here are a few more pros in case you need a little more convincing:

  • Free shipping
  • No environmental handling fees
  • Currently offering price protection on the LG OLED C8 TV until the end of the month
  • Website is easy to navigate and looks nice

Yes, there are a couple cons too:

  • Does not offer manufacturer warranty (offer their own 1 year warranty instead) as they are not an authorized reseller
  • A few typos and some bad grammar on the website which sketched us out at first
  • read more